What is a carer?

An adult, child or young person under 18 years old who provides, or intends to provide care for another adult. More specifically, this is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member, who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or addiction and cannot cope without their support.

Facts and figures

  • In the UK, there are over 6.4 million carers
  • By 2045, the number of carers is expected to increase to 34million
  • It is estimated the number of carers in Lincolnshire to be 79,262 (1 in 9 of the population) aged between 5-91 years old
  • There are an estimated 4000 young carers in Lincolnshire

Many carers in both the Lincolnshire area and Nationally do not actually realise that they fall under the term 'carer' as they feel that what they are doing is the 'right thing' or 'what they are expected to do for the family or friends'.

If this is you, please inform a member of staff who will add your name to our carers register.

If you would like a carers assessment, please call the customer service centre on (01522) 782224 where a member of the team will arrange a telephone or face to face consultation. This will provide you with an opportunity to explore avenues that can support you in your caring role.

If you are a Young Carer, then get in touch with Lincolnshire Young Carers by visiting:

At Greyfriars Surgery, we care about our carers.


Did you know that if you are an unpaid Carer and the person you care for is admitted into hospital (Pilgrim, Lincoln or Grantham), you can pop into the PALS office who will take some details from you and issue you with a carers badge and lanyard. This will allow you to be clearly seen on the ward as a Carer and enable you free access during the day and not be restricted by visiting times.

Below is a picture of the badge and lanyard you will be given:

Caring for carers badge

Caring for carers lanyard

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