Anticoagulation Clinic

Anticoagulants are medicines that help prevent blood clots. They’re given to people at a high risk of getting clots, to reduce their chances of developing serious conditions such as strokes and heart attacks. There are many different examples of these medications that you may be asked to take, one of these may be Warfarin.

For patients who are on Warfarin, we run two clinics here at Greyfriars Surgery, these are held on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. In these clinics we will take a blood sample (finger prick), and this will allow us to check how long it takes for the blood to clot using a measurement called INR (International Normalised Ratio). This aims to keep your INR within a certain range. This may mean that after your appointment your Warfarin may be increased or decreased as required. For patients unable to get to the clinic, because of immobility, arrangements can be made to test your blood at home. Home visits will be made by our Health Care Support Team.