Family Planning/Sexual Health Clinic

At Greyfriars we are fortunate to have a fantastic practice nurse named Fiona Rivers. She has been nursing since 1991 and has had a varied career; from Accident and Emergency to school nursing. She has always had an interest in sexual health and contraception, deciding to specialise in this area.

Sexual health services available in Greyfriars Surgery:

  • Chlamydia & gonorrhoea testing 15 to 24 years (NCS) self-testing, diagnosis and treatment. Chlamydia or gonorrhoea can affect fertility if left untreated.
  • HIV and blood born virus testing including hepatitis and syphillis (some may need specialist referral)
  • Sexual health advice and information.

Not all infections are sexually transmitted, if you have any concerns, please contact the surgery and Fiona will be more than happy to have a confidential chat with you. Alternatively, you can visit our A-Z Health Checker under the Clinics and Services tab.

Contraception available in Greyfriars Surgery:

Short Acting

Combined pills

Progesterone only pills

99% effective if taken correctly. Prevents ovulation or by preventing sperm from entering the womb.



99% effective if used correctly. Applied x1 per week for 3 weeks each month.

Vaginal Ring


99% effective if used correctly. Replace once a month.




Over 99% effective. Lasts for three years.

IUD Copper Coil


98 to 99% effective.



IUS Hormonal Coil


Over 99% effective. Lasts 5 years. 


Projesterone Injection

Over 99% effective. Given every 12 weeks.

All the above methods of contraception are available at Greyfriars Surgery however, an assessment with Fiona will be required to enable the best and most appropriate method is to be offered.

As well as contraception, natural methods and sterilisation can be discussed. Menopause support and advice is available along with general women's health.

Cervical Screening (Smears)

Cervical screening is available on the NHS for women aged between 25 to 50 years and is offered routinely every three years.

Please ask to speak with Nurse Fiona if you have any concerns or worries regarding this screening, she is available for both early and late appointments.

Young People

Greyfriars Surgery is a registered C-Card centre. This enables people aged between 13 and 19 years to receive confidential and friendly advice as well as free condoms.

If you wish to register for the C-Card scheme, simply make an appointment at the surgery with Fiona, who will issue you with a credit like card allowing you to access condoms free from any organisation where the C-Card sign is displayed (as below). You do not need to be a registered patient with Greyfriars to collect C-Cards from us.

C-Card Mobile

If you are aged 14 years and above and need advice about sexual health, contraception, periods or relationships, Fiona will try to help or she can signpost you to the appropriate person.


This clinic is run by the midwife on Monday and Tuesday each week.

If you are pregnant, you must book to see your midwife BEFORE 12 weeks. Please contact a member of reception on (01205) 311133 if you wish to discuss.

Health Visitors

For a wealth of information on health visitors, breast feeding and maternal mental health etc, visit